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Blog #2 | Create Your Brand Identity

Brand identity may seem little a fluffy or boring, BUT it is important because it sets the stage for how you’ll conduct your business. So do it.

I’ve tried to keep it simple by distilling things down to 3 main elements to help you craft your brand so we can get started on your website and other collateral.

Think of your brand as a person and let’s give it some personality! Read more

Blog #1 | Side Business Ideas

Ever thought about starting your own business? Why not start one on the side? It’s always a good idea to hedge your bets because shit happens and if you’re stuck without a┬áday job then having another source of income is huge. It’s definitely saved my ass in the past. And, depending on how much effort you put in, it could become your full time gig.

But… before we dive in any further, know that it takes work and constant learning. I find it fun and rewarding, but not everyone will and that’s ok. However, if you’re up for the challenge then let’s do this!

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